Slipknot – Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff 24/01/15


Tonight is not your usual Saturday in Cardiff as the streets roam with rockers heading towards the arena to witness a hell of a tour. We’re not usually treated with such a line up, usually the Americans get the best of the deal but having Korn and Slipknot on the same bill feels special and very nostalgic, each bring their own weight to the tour. Many tonight will be new fans and others would have grown up with both bands. It’s pleasing to see such a mix of old and new generations into the same music.

First on are King 810 and we’ll be honest, the first general impression is they’re a band not to fuck with. It’s dark, eerie and they stare the crowd down with an glare that spouts ‘we’re trouble’. Almost spoken word on some songs gives that impression too, it’s powerful but somewhat goes over the heads of a few in the crowd.

KornKorn come out to an overwhelming response and start as they mean to go on, mightily. At points where Jonathan Davies lets the crowd sing I’m sure it could of been heard outside. This is a crowd that love and respect the band and are going to sure make them know it. Having seen Korn numerous of times in smaller venues it’s a pleasure to see such a great atmosphere in the arena tonight. Live music should be an experience between band and crowd and that set was a great example of how to make the most of it. You get involved and you have fun. Korn felt like headliners and take the time to hand out goodies at the end of their set. We hope to see them back soon.

It always amazes me that Slipknot come back to little ol’ Cardiff. The teenage mosher in me gets a wee bit excited whenever a band of this caliber play here. Their set feels enormous tonight as a we’re greeted with a gigantic devils head mid stage along with fire, the traditional rotating rising drums and members running amock. Then comes the music, sounding as tight as ever. They give us a nice mix of songs throughout their catalogue with Corey fronting the shebang. Mid set he asks to try something and apologies in advance if he gets it wrong. It’s a curious moment and we’re all betting on some Welsh words coming out from the front man – but he instead shouts “Oggy Oggy Oggy”and in tradition the crowd shouts back “Oi Oi Oi”.

Just as we reach two thirds into the set only now does it feel like the crowd are really throwing themselves into it. As Slipknot concerts go the crowd tonight feel watered down, they maybe less crazy compared to other shows but they’re enjoying it. As the songs continue they only become more fierce and when IOWA hit Left Behind is started by number seven, the crowd can’t resist but go crazy. Then comes the classic Spit It Out, even for those whose first time it is seeing Slipknot tonight they know exactly what to do. Corey screams “Jump the fuck up” and they sure do. Slipknot are an unstoppable force and even years upon years later this still holds up menacingly.

It’s been a memorable night as it ends on Surfacing. They’re still as strong and important today as they were when they first arrived on the scene. Although, still trying to explain to parents why they still wear masks is as tricky as ever.


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