Sleep Of Monsters – II: Poison Garden Review

sleep of monsters poison gardenAfter being seriously impressed with Sleep Of Monsters’ debut album Produces Reason, we’ve eagerly been anticipating new material from this talented Finnish outfit and after not too long of a wait, they’re back with their second album II: Poison Garden.

II: Poison Garden is another powerful offering from the band, with them again refusing to conform to just one rigid genre, and it really makes the music more engaging and memorable as a result. Once again, the vocal delivery is a high point of the release, giving the music a beautifully dark tone, and the emotion and passion in the performance is absolutely breathtaking. Another great element of II: Poison Garden is the little psychedelic melodies and ideas woven into the music intermittently, juxtaposing well against the darker instrumental lines.

Middle track The Devil And All His Works is perhaps the strongest track of the release, featuring a catchy chorus with choral vocals accompanying the lead vocals, and the keyboard line in this one is stunning – a particular highlight being the synthesised trumpets punctuating the music on occasion as it gives the music an extra kick!

Sleep Of Monsters have done it again with II: Poison Garden – this is another mighty and memorable album.


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