Sleep Token – Two Review

Two is the intriguing new release from the mysterious entity Sleep Token. Sleep Token is led by a vocalist known only as Vessel, with no further details about the lineup given – save for the information that the four members are the mortal representatives of an ancient deity known only as Sleep.

Sleep Token is more than just a mysterious collection of musicians, however. Two may only consist of three tracks in total, but it’s an impressive piece that isn’t restrained to just the one genre – you never quite know what is going to happen next because it can change from soft, stripped-back sections to massive instrumental lines, and it all just works.

The vocals are a particular highlight of the EP; they have an absolutely beautiful smooth tone and even though they’re not in-your-face, there’s a lot of power and body to them. They’re simply dripping with emotion and add a lot of mood and ambience to the music, painting a beautiful picture as Two progresses from one song to the next.

Two is a stunning little listen. A very immersive, engaging and addictive (plus mysterious!) piece that you can’t just listen to once, this is definitely an EP that you definitely need to check out.


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