Playlist: 10 Must-See Bands Of Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk

We’re attending Slam Dunk 2015, are you? With Slam Dunk South quickly approaching, we’ve decided to make a playlist with all the great acts we’ll be checking out ourselves and recommend you to do the same. Here’s our top 10 picks – check them out below and listen to the full playlist here.

Moose Blood – Bukowski
After seeing them support Man Overboard on their recent UK tour, we’re excited to catch a full set from Moose Blood and see how their songs fare against a larger, festival crowd. We’ve got high hopes for the Canterbury band and we bet they will smash their set at the Fresh Blood Stage, go check out a band who we believe will be rapidly advancing stage-wise until they’re headlining themselves.

As It Is – Dial Tones
If you like your pop-punk without being punched in the face with screamo vocals, As It Is will be perfect for you. Super catchy if not slightly cheesy love songs to sing along to, great for their early afternoon set.

PVRIS – My House
I’m currently obsessed with PVRIS, White Noise can be heard floating from my room far, far too often! I’ll definitely be checking out PVRIS’s set on the main stage as I only caught the first few songs the first time they played London. Hopefully seeing them for a second time and with a full set it’ll sate my obsession, although I’m not complaining about obsessively listening to their album, its unreal amounts of good.

Don Broco – You Wanna Know
Want to hear a band play catchy hit after catchy hit? Catch Don Broco’s set – from someone who saw them on their last tour with Kerrang!, they are an entertaining, engaging and just all-round excellent live band. With the release of their sophomore album Automatic fast approaching, you’ll definitely be able to get a sneak peek to the tracks on their new album, we have high hopes if its anything like Money, Power, Fame which along with PVRIS, is played far too often.

Set It Off – Why Worry
I’ve only recently gotten into Set It Off so if I have time and if there’s no major clashes for me I’m going to be right up the front singing back to Why Worry. If there’s a lull for you and you aren’t sure who to see when they’re playing, I’d say give them a chance. Why Worry is a perfect example of how brilliant Set It Off are, they’re a clearly accomplished band who is ready to be playing the main stage.

You Me At Six – Underdog
We couldn’t do a top 10 picks without mentioning headliners and one of my personal favourite bands, You Me At Six. Straight off the back of a joint arena tour with All Time Low, You Me At Six are headlining Slam Dunk and if the rumours are true we’ll be hearing a few ’07 songs, catch their set that is bound to be filled with all the tunes and a few greatly missed oldies!

Bury Tomorrow – Lionheart
Fancy running round in a circle for a bit? Head straight to the Monster Energy stage to see Bury Tomorrow. I guarantee they’ll have the crowd in an insane frenzy. Along with Don Broco, they were another act I caught on the Kerrang! tour 2015. Although they are a bit too heavy for me, they’re a great band to check out if you like your music a bit heavier.

The Wonder Years – Passing Through A Screen Door
I’ve liked Passing Through A Screen Door since the release of The Wonder Years’ 2013 album The Greatest Generation and it’d be great to see how their large (and great!) back catalogue translates for their Slam Dunk set.

Stick To Your Guns – Left You Behind
It’s always good to go to a festival and discover how good a band is, hopefully it will be like that for Stick To Your Guns. I know a few songs and like them so I’ll be giving them a chance and will check out their set to see what it’s all about.

Am I excited to see the spectacle that is CROSSFAITH live or hear their songs, who knows? After watching YouTube videos of their Download 2014 set and how massive and insane the crowd was, I’m anticipating their set at Slam Dunk to be just as successful.

See you in the pit!

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