Slam Dunk Festival South – The Forum, Hertfordshire 25/05/14

Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk Festival has been getting bigger each year and now the festival is up to 3 main shows, one that they call Slam Dunk North, Slam Dunk Midlands and obviously, Slam Dunk South. We went to Slam Dunk South to catch just some of the bands on offer (we know it’s impossible to see everyone!) Check out our review of the day below:

Blitz Kids: The band brought so much energy to the stage, with great charisma from all members of the band and great crowd response. they really work the small crowd and use every chance to get them moving and interacting. The band move around the stage effortlessly while still performing musically to a great standard.


The First: Perform very well musically but fail to use their stage space and they lack some stage presence, they could have moved around the stage instead of just standing there, the crowd receive the band well in spots, but as a whole the crowds just watch. However as the set progresses the crowd warm up and pits open and the crowd are off their feet and the warm up and start to move more, this is a great example of how the audience can effect a bands performance.


The Skints: The band lacked charisma and the crowd just stood and watched. However the band were filled with confidence and performed to the same high level musically throughout their drab set, however the members closer to the front really enjoyed the set and moved through out the set while smoking.


We The Kings: Come on to a fairly dead crowd which they insanely breath life in to. The band have some much energy and passion in their set, all members had great charisma and interacted with the crowd as much as they could. Getting the crowd to do their bidding and even recording a new music video the band really show off their talent in their 45 minute slot. Absolutely fantastic performance.


Motion City Soundtrack: They come onto a dead crowd and technical problems, but that didn’t stop them putting in huge amounts of energy. Playing songs from all across their impressive discography and getting the crowd going.  As their set progressed and more people came to watch them, the crowd livened up quickly and the band gave their all throughout the set. With huge energy from the pianist/synth player especially it’s easy to see why the bands shows are renowned for high energy and good fun.


We Are The In Crowd: The band come onto a already excited crowd. However the first few lines sung by front-woman, Tay, were very flat and out of tune, but she sorted that out very quick. She was out of breath throughout the set and didn’t have the ability to sing at the level set for her by the sound man. However, the energy given by every band member was phenomenal and the bassist used his instrument like a sword and just swung it around and jumped all over the stage. The crowd loved the band and they performed well instrumentally.


Mallory Knox: Put so much energy and passion into their set. Vocally they’re very strong. Their instrumentation is amazing as well, they get the audience to participate and their charisma shows why they have moved so far up the main stage in a year. Last year they played 3rd on the main stage, now they’re opening for The All American Rejects. The crowd responded well to the new song they played and it was played with huge passion and enthusiasm. The band really demonstrate why they’re rising to fame so quickly.


The All American Rejects: They come on to a very eager and lively crowd and open with their hugely popular song Dirty Little Secret and the crowd loved it. Everyone was on their feet and dancing, and the band made the stage their own. Tyson Ritter’s interaction with the audience was amazing, having actual conversations with the crowd and asking them “what they were doing?” when members started a random circle during him chatting. The band gave such a relaxed atmosphere and they performed amazingly well, it’s easy to see how they’ve lasted so long as a band and on the scene.


Who did you see and what did you think of them? Drop us a comment below!

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