Skywalker – Sugar House Review

Sugar House by Skywalker has a definite air of familiarity to it – and that’s not necessarily meant in a good sense. Even though this is a new release, it just sounds like I’ve heard it all before. There’s no uniqueness to Skywalker’s sound and whilst it’s a musically solid piece, it’s a disappointing listen as a whole. It’s just difficult to get excited about an EP that has already been made a hundred times before.

The EP features nice big sing-along choruses accompanied by harsh vocals that juxtapose well against them for good measure. See what I mean about there not being much individuality to the music? You could easily stick another band’s name to the music and I’d honestly be none the wiser, such is the way the songs are constructed.

It’s clear that Skywalker knows how to make an earworm or two, however. After only a listen or two to the EP, there will be choruses and melody lines rattling round your head, and I can anticipate these sounding absolutely massive in a live environment. From the seriously catchy chorus and slightly heavier tone in Venom to the powerful opener Drug, there’s certainly no shortage of bangers to be found on Sugar House.

Sugar House isn’t dreadful, not by a long stretch. It just doesn’t really stand out from the crowd, and when it comes to post-hardcore, this sadly isn’t a great quality to have.


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