Skindred – Union Black Review

The album opens with Skindred’s rendition of the national anthem… good timing and all with all that Royal Wedding stuff that’s been going on.

But from that it rocks into amazing track Warning featuring Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach. It was always going to be a hit if you stick someone as lively as Jacoby Shaddix on a track. It’s everything you’d expect from Skindred and Papa Roach mixing it up. The album doesn’t stop there either. It goes on to rock through more full on tunes. Cut Dem is loud and lively and Doom Riff is nothing short of a catchy, dance filled tune.

This album started out by feeling a little bit more rock than raggapunk as Skindred’s albums usually are, but by about the halfway mark, the key elements are back in full force. Living A Lie belts out and Bad Man Ah Bad Man rocks a solid breakdown. Death to All Spies is a pure raggapunk blast.

The album is what you’d expect from Skindred, if not slightly lacking in areas. Skindred did after all invent raggapunk in this form and it’s like the album misses that point slightly. However, it’s still a worthwhile purchase, that’s sure to get you up out your seat.


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