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Skiddaw - Skiddaw EP - ArtworkSkiddaw’s self-titled EP is the debut effort from the upcoming black metal band and although it’s perhaps not the most original offering out there, there is a lot of promise within the four tracks and the foundations are definitely there for this band to become a force to be reckoned with in the British black metal scene.

Introductory track Skiddaw Forest is stunningly atmospheric, starting off with ambient noise before the band joins in for a great instrumental section that really builds things up before leading into the first full track, Skiddaw Towers. Instantly hitting the listener with harsh vocals from the very start, it does feel like a direct continuation of Skiddaw Forest so it flows well as a result.

Gates Of Beleth keeps the pace going with perhaps the most energetic and fast-paced track of the EP; an aggressive little number that has a lot of bite to it before things come to a close with Even Titans Fall. Although a substantial track, it doesn’t quite have the same power to it as the songs previous to it and subsequently the EP comes to a little bit of a disappointing close.

Although there’s nothing that quite sets Skiddaw apart from the crowd with this release as it’s fairly standard black metal, it’s a good starting point for them and it’s definitely worth checking out.


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