Skepticism – Ordeal Review

skepticism ordealRecorded live in front of an audience at Klubi in Turku, Ordeal was never going to be a ‘typical’ album and indeed, it’s a piece that shows Skepticism are still an absolute force to be reckoned with when it comes to funeral doom.

It’s clear that Skepticism have really worked hard at making Ordeal an album to remember and whilst it perhaps may have been an ordeal to record, what with the band only getting one chance due to recording it in one single take, it certainly isn’t an ordeal to listen to! Taking their time and allowing the listener to breathe in every single note, Ordeal is a piece that resonates in your mind and will remain with you for a long time to come.

The combination of crushingly slow heaviness along with softer melodies really works for Skepticism; the band has mastered the art of juxtaposing two drastically different styles against each other over the years and it is particularly evident with this album in particular. The softer keyboard line and guitar riffs moves well with the powerful drums and bellowed vocals, with the musicians sounding like equals rather than battling for lead roles.

Although the clapping from the crowd does result in the flow being a little jerky from song to song, that is but a minor nuance and as a whole, this is another great offering from the funeral doom pioneers. A well-rounded and powerful release.


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