Sirenia – The Seventh Life Path Review

Sirenia The Seventh Life PathKeeping in line with their ‘two year album cycle’, Sirenia are back with their brand new album The Seventh Life Path, following on from 2013’s excellent offering Perils Of The Deep Blue.

The Seventh Life Path is an all-round rewarding listen and something that’s always been good about Sirenia is how well the two different vocal styles are utilised into the band’s sound. Sometimes the ‘beauty and the beast’ style of vocals is done for the sake of it, with one of the vocalists voices not quite working with the instrumentation, but this has never been the case with Sirenia. A particularly good vocal approach comes on the penultimate track The Silver Eye, which features for the most part Ailyn singing clean vocals alongside Morten screaming the same line – and it’s striking to say the least, really grabbing your attention and holding it from start to finish. What works well is that some of the sections put more of an emphasis on the harsh vocals and other sections put an emphasis on the clean vocals, which means both singers get their time to shine.

It’s not just the vocals that are great about The Seventh Life Path, however, because there’s some really strong instrumental lines on the album too. Introductory track Seti works well at building up the momentum before the first full track kicks in, and you won’t want to miss the wildly catchy synth/keyboard lines of Concealed Disdain.

Quite simply, The Seventh Life Path is an album you won’t want to miss – make sure you pick up a copy on release date!


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