Sintax – Sway For A Better Day Review

sintax sway for a better daySway For A Better Day is the first album from Israeli thrashers Sintax and for want of a better term, is very underground.

Brutal and well paced the sing-a-long aspect of the lyrics also help to make this an engaging record and it’s not very often you can feel the love from a studio recording but these songs transgress that into a darker shade of disestablishmentarianism. It’s true down to its roots.

Brave riffs accompany a honest tone that blends graceful licks with deep chord movements in a fun and aggressive sound that will have you bouncing from verse to chorus as the rhythm jumps from slow, fast, fast, fast, slow, to fast. It’s intensity isn’t marginalized to speed however.

Lyrically they’ve got some great lines to shout and sing from “right between the eyes” to “let’s get mental” and you had better believe that this stuff is contagious. The vocal melodies are crooned with vitriolic performance an in addition to this the solo work and harmonies are finger flicking sweet.

An impressive debut, Sway For A Better Day is a socially relevant album backed with enormous riffs and power rhythms. Feverishly setting an example of new thrash metal, its presence can be clearly heard. There’s a party in Jerusalem and you’re all invited.


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