Sinners Moon – Atlantis Review

sinners moon atlantisAtlantis is the brand new album from Slovakian symphonic metal act Sinners Moon and quite simply, it’s an album you won’t want to miss.

Sinners Moon have put their own little twist on the genre, creating very melodic music with a bit of a Nightwish vibe to it due to the sheer power behind the music and the presentation of the female vocals, yet they mix things up by including harsh male vocals into the mix, which really gives the album this rather magnificent kick and makes it a little more engaging as a result, as you never quite know what vocal approach the band will take next! Vocal-wise, Atlantis also features some guest vocals from Sonata Arctica vocalist Tony Kakko on their track My Servant and his voice slots into the mix rather well, complementing Simona’s clean vocals perfectly.

Instrumentally, everything sounds rather big and epic, resulting in an overall sound that wouldn’t be out-of-place being performed on a massive arena stage. At times it would be nice to have a little more variation between songs, as it’s only really closer Upon A Star that sees the band taking a bit of a different and more stripped-back approach, but there’s no doubting that Sinners Moon have found a format that works for them and are running with it for the time-being.

As a whole, Atlantis is a pretty great listen. At times it feels a little safe, so it would be nice to hear a little more experimentation in future releases, but it’s certainly an album worth checking out.


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