Singled Out: RaR – Darkness

Bringing their hard-hitting, and deeply addictive brand of EDM to us, is Australia’s own RaR. With their killer new single titled Darkness, RaR have made it their mission to make a mark on the current music industry, and when it comes to debut-handshakes, this scorching-hot track successfully introduces us to this creative collective!

Close friends throughout their partying days, Rich and Raymo have taken that comradery and weaved it into every ounce of the music that they make, and there is no better example than their current and heavily radio-played, debut single Darkness.

Rich, always a hard working musician, has become known for his ability to keep the dance floor filled and feverish, with those who worship this exciting genre of music. From Splendour In The Grass to Greenwood in London, and everywhere in between, Rich is no stranger to the music scene. Raymo, stepping back to pursue his other ventures, soon found the calling to create music far too strong to ignore, and as the other half of this powerful new duo; I am grateful for his decision to offer his artistic vision to us.

When it comes to production value, Darkness leaves no room for doubt; these are musicians who take their craft very seriously. Every moment on this song feels like it has been worked over by the careful hands of a critical sound engineer. Smooth and determined beats met with a moody ambience, Darkness truly shines from the gorgeous addition of New Zealand’s, soul-vocalist, Elizabeth Robinson. Elizabeth breathes a deep life into the song that inspires the listener, and there is something, truly magical, about how she commands this already powerful track. I have yet to hear the next track from RaR, but I do hope they bring her some more in the future.

You don’t have to be a fan of EDM to appreciate this music, but if you are, then you are in for a real treat. Darkness doesn’t hold back from what it could be, but instead, opens the floodgates and pours its energy out like a broken dam.

If you are looking for something that deserves to be turned up past ten, then look no further and sink your teeth into what RaR has to offer today!

RaR can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify.

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