Singled Out: Shade Empire – Anti-Life Saviour

The first draft of this review simply featured the words “OH MY GOD THIS SONG IS SO GOOD” and in all honesty, I still think this is a fair insight into Anti-Life Saviour because it’s such an awesome track.

Shade Empire have been teasing us for a while about some “big news” in their camp and I was secretly hoping that the news would be an announcement about some new music, so when they dropped their brand new single Anti-Life Saviour a few days ago, I was very happy to say the least – especially since the song has been worth the wait.

Anti-Life Saviour is in a similar vein to the material on their last album Omega Arcane, feeling almost like it’s picked up exactly where the album left off, following on nicely from it, and the track as a whole is just massively powerful, packing a real punch and leaving an impression on you. The vocals in particular are empowering, and the guitar solos coupled with the excellent synth lines are tremendous. Additionally, the softer section in the middle of the song divides it up nicely and adds a great amount of ambience and atmosphere to it all before you’re once again presented with an in-your-face wall of sound to bring the song to a triumphant close.

This song is absolutely killer. Shade Empire are back alright, and they’re back in style!

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