Singled Out: Nevicate – Shattered

Shattered is the new single from Nevicate, a symphonic metal/pop/electronic band from Joensuu. With the lyrics of the track dealing with locked away feelings, wounds caused by negligence and eventually fragmentation of one’s self-image, it’s a deep song and you can hear the slight underlying darkness underneath the somewhat peppy-feeling track.

This is a song that will get stuck in your head; with a catchy vocal line you’ll soon find yourself singing along to it and what’s especially good about the song is that it features both strong vocals and instrumentation – the vocal line complements the instrumentation very well and the two blend well together. The little details and intricacies draw you into it all and the dual solos from the guitars and keys are magnificent.

As a whole, this is a great single from Nevicate. If you like your music emotive and with big melodies, this is a band for you.

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