Singled Out: Collegians – Vaccine

After weeks of offering up exciting teaser-trailers to everyone in the music industry, Australia’s own Collegians have finally released their hard-hitting new single Vaccine. Bravely pulling no punches, this incredible new music act has obviously taken notes on how any artist should be presenting themselves right out of the gate. Every layer woven into the track is played, mixed, and mastered, to serious perfection. Not all bands or musicians treat the process of creating a song with such determination and detail that Collegians do, and for that reason alone, Collegians are climbing the industry ladder quickly. With fans finally getting to sink their teeth in to the full song, that is soon to have its own music video as well, as a fan myself, it has been exciting to see all of us jumping on board together to share this incredible new musical act with our friends.

Many times, a promising song loses its flame the moment the singer arrives to the microphone, and we end up frustrated at the potential lost, but not on this track, and we have the amazing vocal skillset of Glenn Patrick to thank for that. Glenn fills out this emotionally driven track with his melodic and dark brooding voice. It is, in many ways, Glenn’s natural ability to grab the underlying emotional current within a song, that drags us into the music even deeper. Of course, it would be a great insult to lean so heavily on a vocalist alone, and the addictive track has us all hitting repeat over and over, for the combined efforts of the entire band.

Gerry Leigh provides his own vocals to accompany Glenn’s, while simultaneously hitting us with catchy and sonically-driven guitar riffs. James Leigh adds his haunting touch to the keyboard, while kicking us in the proverbial-whatever’s with his driven bass-lines. As the heavy hitter in the band, Vince Leigh makes sure that his presence is both known and respected, and for his timely efforts, Vaccine is given the proper drumming backbone to not overwhelm the other musicians, but to raise the level of their own playing. All in all, it is a perfect storm of sound that Collegians have created together, and this is only the first single!

Looking over the week following the release of their killer new track, it is clear what they have created is resonating with their fast-growing fan-base. Already reaching the #23 spot on iTunes Rock Charts, landing continuous radio play spots, press reviews and interview deals, Collegians have shown not only their ability to create music, but also their ability in creating a strong and effective brand, which for any new musician can tell you, is not the easiest trick in the book to pull off.

When I heard their potent new single Vaccine, I had one of those moments where I knew I was listening to something truly special, and right now I am looking forward to anything they have-to offer us in the future, and that is the real power of music, its incredible ability to reach through to you emotionally and connect on an important level. Take it from me, if you like Rock-Alternative music, or just great music in general, take a listen to Collegians new single Vaccine, and I have no doubt that you will enjoy what they have created.

To hear the new track, take a listen to it here on ReverbNation today! STREAM IT HERE NOW!

Collegians can be found on Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, and their official website.

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