Singled Out: Collegians – Black Mass

One of the music industry’s hardest acts to follow is when a band releases an incredible single, and then follows it up with one just as hard hitting and infectious; and somehow, that is exactly what Melbourne, Australia’s Collegians have just done, with the release of their killer new single Black Mass.

Black Mass comes in scorching hot, right on the heels of Collegians’ previous single Vaccine, and it reinforces our suspicion that Collegians are destined for greatness. Masterfully constructed, Black Mass has all the hallmarks of a great single, and the radio stations everywhere have been backing that up.

Capturing the brooding, dark, alt-electronica sound that we have come to expect and want out of Collegians, it is truly set afire the moment Glenn Patrick comes in with his ultra moody and melodic vocals. There is an impressive depth to his vocal style, while the lyrics of the track force the listener to pay close attention to what is being said here.

Within the first exciting minute of Black Mass, it is clear, that the band collectively chose to push their song-writing efforts even farther. The song plays out like an anti-establishment-dance floor-anthem, and everyone brings something unique to the table for all of us to sink out teeth into.

I think if I were to describe the song in a word, I would have to call it “progressive”. The song starts out fast enough, but the journey to the end is a constant raising of the songs own bar; and by the end it is a dizzying display of heavy synths, aggressive bass-lines, shredding guitars, and as always, vocals that demand to be turned up loud AF!

Back when Collegians showed us the impressive vocal range of the raw-throated Glenn Patrick, the kick-ass, aggressive guitar style of Gerry Leigh; both the beastly-bass and the intoxicating synth-style of James Leigh, and the hard hitting, emotionally driven drumming style of Vince Leigh; back then we thought we saw it all with the important release of Vaccine; but with the exciting release of Black Mass, it looks like Collegians have no intention of slowing down.

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