Simple As – EP Review

Simple As EP


Having really enjoyed Simple As’ launch show of their self-titled EP, I was very excited to give it a listen once I got home afterwards, and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

The opening track, I Don’t Care, is an absolute belter of a song, fast-paced from start to finish, with a chorus you can’t help but scream along to. It’s actually the shortest track on the EP, but I feel that out of the four songs, this one has the most to give. I can definitely see this track creeping into my most played tracks in my media library!

The track which follows it, Your M.R.S., is a little disappointing in comparison, the track not ‘grabbing’ me upon first listen, however after a few more plays I got a little more into it. This track is more of a grower, which isn’t a bad thing. The third track, They Won’t Understand, picks up the pace again and is a very driven song. I especially like the lyrics on this one.

Final track, At Least You Tried, slows things down a tad and is a good choice for the final track of the EP. It features an absolutely fantastic guitar solo which features in the middle of the song and is a satisfying resolution to the EP as it slows down and fades away into silence – a great end to a great EP, which shows that Simple As are a band to watch out for.

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