Simmer – Yellow Streak Review

Simmer - Yellow Streak EP packshotYellow Streak is the short-but-sweet new EP from Cheshire-based ambient punk band Simmer and is a largely good offering that’s an accessible and easy listen.

Admittedly, Yellow Streak isn’t the most taxing of EPs and subsequently doesn’t quite manage to fully ‘engage’ you, it’s by no means a terrible listen and there’s some really good stuff to be found within the four tracks contained on it.

Indeed, it has to be said that one of the best elements of Simmer’s overall sound is the vocals – for the most part, they sound very smooth, and almost ethereal and haunting in some sections, which adds a lot to the overall mood and atmosphere of Yellow Streak. Indeed, they work especially well on the title track, giving the slower song an air of mystery and intrigue – not a bad way to wind an EP up!

Head Trip is another high point of the EP, a punchy and energy-filled song that comes across as a song that would go down a treat live. The drum line just feels relentless in its delivery, and the vocals give the song a nice bit of melody without being overpowering.

As a whole, Yellow Streak is a good release but it unfortunately does feel a tad ‘safe’ – a bit more adventure to the EP would have worked wonders for the band.


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