Silverstein – Sound Control, Manchester 14/12/17

As I was travelling up to Manchester for this show, I came to the stark realisation that it had been about nine years since my last Silverstein show, which is way too long in any case! With a strong back catalogue plus an excellent new album, I had high hopes – and they didn’t let me down.

When the Canadian five-piece took to the stage, they were greeted with a roar of cheers from the crowd and whilst some bands have certain albums that are more popular amongst fans, it didn’t matter what songs Silverstein played because each track was well-received with everyone singing along. You don’t often get that at gigs, especially with bands that have been going for as long as Silverstein, so it was really refreshing to witness.

With a setlist featuring a good balance between old and new, tracks such as The Afterglow and Smashed Into Pieces sat well side by side to one another – and indeed, Smashed Into Pieces was one of the highlights of the set. I remember listening to this song when it first came out and instantly falling in love with the band, so it felt like a nice bit of nostalgia to hear it in the flesh, especially since it seemed to have a lot more passion and energy than the studio track. Another great inclusion in the set was Massachusetts, which had a very powerful delivery and the atmosphere of everyone singing along was enough to give you goosebumps.

Something that was particularly good about the performance was how clear it was that Silverstein were just having a great time. From start to finish, they were just so happy to be there and the little jokes and fun between members (at one point guitarists Paul and Josh were chucking plectrums to one another!) just gave the show that extra lift.

All in all, a highly enjoyable show. Silverstein have got their live set nailed, and by now know what works and what doesn’t. Hopefully it won’t take me another nine years for the next show!


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