SIG:AR:TYR – Sailing The Seas Of Fate Review

sig ar tyr sailing the seas of fateThe work of one man muso, SIG:AR:TYR, is Canadian Daemonskalds’ first musical foray into the heritage of Snorri Sturlusons’ legacy. With definite Bathory-esq overtones (the Viking phase) Sailing The Seas Of Fate flows with an incredible and stylised grace, a type of elegance that hasn’t been heard since Ulvers’ masterful Trilogie. Although more contained and less whimsical than Ulver there is a retinue of technique guiding the listener where the clouds hide the night sky.

Dark, elegant and solemn SIG:AR:TYR is a powerful and insightful concept that fuses enigmatic riffs with structural complexities, hitting out in harmony to natures icy beauty and whisking the listener away, on gelid ephemera. Where the underlying ambiance carries the spark of coming spring Sailing The Seas Of Fate is a vessel stacked with spirit moving steadfast towards the brighter sun. The somber timbre that hides within the shadows of nostalgia alludes to grander pastures.

Sailing The Seas Of Fate is largely a folk inspired endeavor, with hints of its metallic endgame. The acoustic arpeggios make intriguing riffs and as the classic electric hurls distortion like clouds or solos like a gale storm the humble allure is never lost at sea.


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David Oberlin is a composer and visual artist who loves noise more than a tidy writing space. You can often find him in your dankest nightmares or on twitter @DieSkaarj while slugging the largest and blackest coffee his [REDACTED] loyalty card can provide.

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