Sickrites – Irreverent Death Megaliths Review

SICKRITES-Irreverent Death MegalithsIt has to be said that Irreverent Death Megaliths is pretty damn awesome, but immediately as you start to listen, one unfortunate problem rears its head and perhaps stops the album from making as good of an impression as it should – and that is the vocals. Whilst it’s a strong vocal performance for sure, the mix feels wrong and they almost feel out of place; the balance isn’t quite right as the instrumentation quality is top-notch whilst the vocals are of a lower quality and it’s a real shame because it’s otherwise really good, with some excellent tracks featuring on it.

There’s no other way to describe third track Dweller Of The Fleshtombs other than mysterious, with the introduction having this eerie quality to it that slowly builds things up and up until the full band kicks in and the song gains a real sense of urgency, juxtaposing fantastically with the introduction. It even features a lively and gripping guitar solo before the song fades out and it ends not dissimilarly to how it started.

Another fantastic song is following track Deathstorms, which features some incredibly catchy guitar lines and also features what sounds like a synthetic violin in the song at certain points – an intriguing approach to take, but it really pays off.

Irreverent Death Megaliths is a great album, it’s just a shame that the vocal quality lets it down in parts.


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