Sick Puppies – The Garage, London 24/04/14

DSC_0055 Attention Thieves come onto a fairly small crowd. With impressive energy and instrumental, the band performed well. However they had some trouble with grabbing the audiences attention, but when the crowd were asked to do something they did it, it was just when they weren’t asked to participate they would have just stood and watched. Feels like the band still need to find their feet a bit as some of the movement looked unnatural.

The Feud are up next and they bring a different vibe from the post hardcore act before. They sound a bit like Muse, with great instrumental work and catchy choruses. The crowd really get into the band and are singing along to the catchy hooks. The vocalist did however look a little awkward when not playing guitar or singing, seems like he felt uncomfortable as he just stood on stage. The energy and audience participation were great and the crowd seemed to really enjoy them play.

DSC_0128The main act Sick Puppies were mind blowing, with phenomenal stage presence, powerful vocals and perfectly executed instrumentation. It’s no wonder the band were such a hit with the eager, lively crowd. The band put so much energy into the set and it really showed in the crowd who were constantly singing, jumping or fisting the air. The crowd age range was large, from 16-60 and everyone got involved, whether it be the organised mass jump or the wall of deaths. And if they didn’t get involved, front man Shim, would leave the stage and force them to get involved. Huge energy, huge songs, fantastic, friendly crowd and huge stage presence made this the show of 2014. Definitely see this band next time they’re in the UK.


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