Blast From The Past: Sick Puppies – Dressed Up As Life

Sick puppies dressed up as lifeAfter the news that Sick Puppies have dumped frontman Shim, we felt like paying homage to the band’s American debut Dressed Up As Life, which is the album that got them in with the big leagues like Evanescence and Nickelback.

The albums opens with My World, an incredibly well written and composed song, it opens with guitar and vocals before dropping in to the arena sized chorus. The bass is impressive and really works well the guitar and vocals, and adds that harsh alternative sound. The drums, although not complex, really add to the song and are well written to complement the song which is something a lot of bands forget to do.

All The Same is the song that shot the band to stardom after it was used in the ‘Free Hugs’ viral YouTube video that’s had over 76 million views, the beautifully worded song has another arena sized chorus that really shows off Shim’s vocals and his guitar playing that makes the song so emotional and heart warming. The bass and drums complement the song while adding that rock edge that’ll make you want to jump. Asshole Father has the same sort of structure as this song, it’s just got more aggression and raw energy in the heavier aspects.

Deliverance shows off the bands ability to write heavy, as does Cancer, and it’ll make you want to sing, and shows off drummer Mark’s ability to play different styles and a good example of his ability to write drums that add to the mood of a song is Howard’s Tale, which is an incredibly creepy song and the drums help add to that sinister vibe.

The album is all killer, with out of this world bass lines, powerful drums, impressive catchy guitar riffs, flawless vocals, and incredibly well written songs, and overall the album is incredibly well produced. Make sure you check out Sick Puppies’ other albums Tri-Polar and Connect and give Shim the recognition he deserves after 18 years in the music industry.


Sick Puppies: Website|Facebook|Twitter
Shimon Moore: Website|Facebook|Twitter

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