Shaped By Fate – I Fear The World Has Changed Review

shaped by fate world has changed

Shaped By Fate –
I Fear The World Has Changed.

It feels like an age since Shaped By Fate’s The Unbeliever was released back in 2007. An enduring chaotic experiment of an album that created quite the buzz for the South Wales metal scene to boast about. The new album feels as though the band have gone through a shake up adding a pinch of maturity to the mix but keeping the same relentless power as always.

Vocals rock back and for and melodies drift from the down paced Womb Of Snakes to the hasty Plague & Rapture, which is as messed up as people’s livers found parading around St Mary’s Street on a Saturday night at 5am. It’s a fascinating varied assault. (Cardiff joke there, sorry)

The album isn’t just about how heavy a track can be or how hard singer Paul can scream but instead feels as if the band are delightfully showing off their full potential. It’s unquestionable as to whether they could pull it off live – it’s Shaped By Fate, a band notorious for their ferocious shows, I don’t doubt there’s nothing off the album they couldn’t do. The instrumental interludes dexterously compliment the journey of the title itself. The vocals remain brutal throughout but what really holds the album up is the sophisticated guitar work beneath the progressive and dark melodies of guitarists Richey and Luke.

Black Goliath ends the record in a climatic grating manner. The impression left seems to be that the band worked hard and cared for this record. Sure, it may not be Radio 1’s new favourite hit or bring them buckets of glory but in the eyes of the underground metal scene it’s a triumphant effort.


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