Behind The Scenes: Shadow Hunters On Fire Will Be Free

shadow hunters

Shadow Hunters recently released their single Fire Will Be Free and are currently gearing up to release their next single, Winther. We caught up with them to find out more about Fire Will Be Free.

So your latest single is called Fire Will Be Free – what’s the story behind it?
It was sort of an impulsive studio project, written in the studio as a result of listening to Killswitch Engage. Actually I bought a super expensive Mesa Boogie amp just for this song.

That was a few years ago.

Can you describe the writing and recording process for it?
It has been modified in the studio recently into what it sounds like today.

What made you choose to release it as a single?
We think it sounds a little bit unique, has a lot of energy and we think it’s a good song. Hopefully you think so too!

Would you say Fire Will Be Free is a good indication for what fans can expect from your upcoming album A V A T A R, or would you describe it as a more stand-alone piece?
I would say it’s actually a little bit of both. Sounds a little bit like some earlier stuff we’ve been doing, but also influenced by some new directions that we’ve taken recently.

But I think our upcoming single Winther (Out March 30th) will represent the future direction of Shadow Hunters.

And finally what’s in store for Shadow Hunters for the rest of the year?
First release the single Winther, video for Winther and album and then hopefully a lot of live gigs and touring.

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