Shadow Hunters – A V A T A R Review

shadow hunters avatarTwo-piece Norwegian alt-rock outfit Shadow Hunters are just about to release their debut album A V A T A R and it’s an epic emotionally driven piece that manages to be beautifully melodic whilst also utilising some stunning heavier elements.

There’s a nice familiarity to the album yet at the same time it’s not a predictable piece; Shadow Hunters have this wonderful way of keeping you on your toes with each different twist and turn A V A T A R takes. Opening track Winther (which the band have already released as a single) draws you into the album with smooth and emotively delivered vocals, atop of instrumentation that is a blend of light and airy elements with a slight heaviness lurking beneath, particularly in the choruses.

Another great moment on the album comes on the track Astral Journey, which is a purely instrumental track that almost feels like you’re joining the band on an astral journey. The instrumentation is lush and dreamlike, and sounds so gentle that you can’t help but feel at ease as you listen to it and even though there may not be any vocals, the song doesn’t need them as the story is told by the music alone. This track is then immediately followed by Into Tomorrow’s Yesterday, which is one of the heavier tracks on the album and the two different styles contrast against one another perfectly – the placement of songs is spot on.

As a whole, A V A T A R is a pretty stunning release, and an incredible starting point for Shadow Hunters. If this is only their debut album, then we are all surely in for a treat over the coming years.


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