Seven Impale – City Of The Sun Review

City of the Sun coverWith prog music, especially when it has more of an old-school style, it’s all too easy to fall into the trap of following the same sort of style and format as every other band out there, but suffice to say, Seven Impale have created something special with their debut full-length album, City Of The Sun.

One of the things that immediately strikes you about City Of The Sun is the tremendous use of saxophone, which takes a lead role right from the start of the album by playing completely solo. It’s a great introduction because it draws attention to the instrument and also leaves a fantastic impression on you – you know they’re going to utilise it well throughout.

A distinct highlight of the album is Eschaton Horo, which can certainly be described as a mini-epic. The repeating saxophone line really worms its way into your head before you’re eased into a softer and more chilled section with some stunning vocals – and then you’re all but launched into a heavier and almost metal-sounding part, which is absolutely incredible, and then it takes more of a jazz and proggier approach. Seven Impale have seamlessly blended several genres into one entity with this song, and it absolutely works – if you want a track that highlights just what this band is capable of, then Eschaton Horo is it.

City Of The Sun is a great listen and really keeps you on your toes with all the twists and turns it takes from start to finish. A highly recommended album.


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