SevenDaze – Self-Titled EP Review

SevenDaze - EPSevenDaze has a raw sound to it. It’s not all clean and polished like most productions are these days. It’s a nice change from the other polish sounds that even home recording can bring these days. It’s nice to hear a band leaving a raw edge to their release.

This EP features 6 tracks and they’re each in a genre that can only be described as somewhere between nu metal and alternative. It’s an old school kick to it and seems to channel bands like Incubus in their earlier days.

Opening track Unforgiven seems to be mostly vocal driven with the music taking a bit of a back seat until towards the end of the track where there appears to be a large instrumental section and then the bass really shines.

All About You is a very funky number with raw guitar and bass parts. The vocals are edgy and aren’t the same boyish charms you hear with bands at the moment. The vocals are not deep but there’s a lower tone to them.

The final track on this EP is an Adele cover called Set Fire To The Rain. It’s certainly a bit different to the other tracks on this EP and it’s obviously quite different to the original version of this song. It’s been made more rocky and it feels now almost like a bit of an 80’s power ballad. But if this song wasn’t already catchy enough you will find yourself singing along still quite happily to this version.

This is only a six track EP but it’s quite funky and lively. It’s a throwback to an older late 90’s/early 00’s sound. Definitely something a bit different to what’s around at the moment. The only flaw I’ve really found in this EP is that a couple of the songs seem to blend in together and you don’t really notice you’re on a new track but it’s a good beginning effort from this band.


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