Seremonia – Pahuuden äänet Review

seremonia-pahuuden-aanetPahuuden äänet is the fourth full-length offering from Finnish heavy psych outfit Seremonia but it doesn’t feel like the most impactful release out there.

There’s a bit of a wishy-washy feel to the album as a whole and it’s a bit difficult to get into as a result because there’s nothing about it that will immediately grab your attention. Sure, it isn’t inherently bad, but it doesn’t seem to have the same energy and passion as their past releases (such as the clearer-sounding and catchier Kristalliarkki) and whilst it’s good that they haven’t just released an identical album to their last ones, it doesn’t quite manage to hit the same heights they achieved with their previous albums.

Pahuuden äänet isn’t a complete write-off, of course, and one of the stronger songs is sixth track Me kutsumme sitaä. There’s a bit more drive and energy to it, and it leaves more of an impression on you as a result. The pace is tremendous and the guitar riffing is glorious, giving the track an old-school feel whilst also somehow managing to keep it sounding fresh and modern.

All in all, Pahuuden äänet isn’t bad, but on the other hand it isn’t Seremonia’s best work – they’ve done better than this.


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