Septekh – Plan For World Domination Review

SEPTEKH - Plan for World Domination cover artPlan For World Domination is the debut full-length album from Septekh and it’s certainly an apt title for the album as it does feel like Septekh are capable of taking over the world after listening to this!

The band wastes no time in getting things going with a band and second track Going Down In Style is testament to this because it instantly brings the noise with a crushing opening that will swiftly get you headbanging along to it, before the main body of the track kicks in and serves to blow you away once again. It’s one of those songs you’ll want to replay as soon as the opening chords set in.

Plan For World Domination continues extremely strongly from there, and with excellent inclusions such as the fast-paced Neanderthal, that won’t leave you time to catch your breath as Septekh completely powers through it, and Black Shores, which opens with some downright filthy-sounding bass before things get fully underway and the band takes a slightly slower approach to the track, which is refreshing to hear.

The only minor problem is that some of the songs are of a similar format to one another, but if they’re this good then honestly, it doesn’t really matter. An excellent debut release from this fantastic band.


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