Sense Of Fall – Fallen Statues Review

Fallen Statues sense of fallFallen Statues is the debut EP from Finnish melodic death metallers Sense Of Fall, and it’s a good starting point for the band, showing both strong points whilst there also being room for improvement.

The vocals are a particularly good element of the music; vocalist Anni shows a great deal of versatility in her performance by delivering clean, harsh and growled vocals to a very high standard, and the guitar works is excellent, with a good amount of complexity to keep the listener on their toes.

However, Fallen Statues is a little lacking in the originality department. Whilst there’s nothing inherently bad about the EP, there isn’t much that helps to set the band apart from the other melo-death bands out there – Fallen Statues is good musically but as it’s not too adventurous it means that Sense Of Fall don’t leave the impression on you that they’re perhaps capable of.

As a whole, the album is a good listen and does show promise – however, having a little more daring with future releases will go far for this up-and-coming outfit.


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