Seether – Isolate and Medicate Review

Seether - Isolate and MedicateSeether return with their sixth studio album, Isolate and Medicate, marking the band’s 15th year anniversary (although the band didn’t name themselves Seether until 2002).

The album kicks off with See You At The Bottom, which is a darker number for the album. Same Damn Life reminds me of Weezer. It’s totally different to what you’d expect from Seether and it’s very radio friendly (save for a couple of swear words) in it’s nature.

Suffer It All is a heavier track on the album. It’s much more like the Seether of old. At least until the chorus kicks in, which is a bit of a sing-a-long number suddenly.

Another radio friendly style track that could be really big for Seether is Watch Me Drown. It’s catchy as hell and you could easily picture it being played on radio to a larger audience (again save for a few swear words). It’s got a little bit more of a poppy rock vibe, but it’s an absolute tune.

This album seems to branch the band a little further still away from their original more grunge influenced sounds. There are tracks on the album which are more radio friendly sounding, even if they do contain swearing. This could create what could be a wider audience draw for the band. It’s a decent album, with a mix of influences and tracks, sometimes working better than others. It’s a definite stepping stone to the mainstream for Seether.


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