Seedna – Forlorn Review

seednaSweden’s Seedna are tearing down preconceptions about black metal with their newest album Forlorn. A curious blend of diabolical metal and emotional rock that hearkens black towards the GothenburgĀ  death metal sound, remnants of which can be heard developing in songs, but in their restructuring and reinvention of that treasured noise they’ve acquired a power all to themselves.

Forlorn is grand design. It’s form is a mega structure populated with haunting riffs and ghastly interludes. The dynamics of which create a thick and eerie atmosphere ripe with the imagination of Seedna that they manifest into an aural proclamation of fear and wonder. It’s deft tones and contours mark a resurgence of black metal as expressionism.

Within the ambient foundations they have captured something otherworldly similar to EVP. Their chilling attention to detail helps to build a soul-stirring constitution upon the acoustic horizon. Carrying spirited riffs on a throne of time where they relentlessly command their instruments to dance in horror.

The tension Seedna builds throughout the album is a profound engagement that’s as captivating as it is terrifying. Edged with melancholy Forlorn is the epitome of its title. It’s also brazen and definitively visceral where its raging sounds will continue to prey on you; The play button shapes a lure into their sonal lair.


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