Sean Grant and The Wolfgang – We The Working Class EP Review

Sean Grant & The Wolf Gang - We The Working Class EPThere are so many genres of music out there and rock or metal is just the general term for the stuff we all love so much. But there’s so many sub genres and Sean Grant and The Wolfgang are one of those that you may miss because it’s got a bit more of a mainstream sound to it and a little bit of folk rock thrown in.

It’s a true delight. You can instantly join in with the first track and it’s nice to hear someone sing where you can clearly understand every word they’re saying. The second track Hoist the Sails has a very nice pirate feel to the lyrics and it’s certainly something a little new.

Title track We The Working Class is a funky number with a steady pulse to make you nod your head along. The final track Sing For Your Papa is catchy as hell and you’ll be tapping your toes and snapping your fingers in no time.

It may only be a 12 minute 40 seconds collection of 4 tracks, but it’s a fab little quick pick me up for the day. Well worth checking this man out at Camden Rocks Festival if you’re going.


Sean Grant and The Wolfgang: Facebook|Twitter

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