Scumrise – Super Hits Review

Scumrise Super HitsSuper Hits is the second release from Scumrise, a band hailing from Kouvola in Finland. It’s impossible to earmark this band into a specific genre, but you could say that they verge on the heavier side of punk with a few other different influences thrown info good measure – either way, it’s pretty unique.

At The Bar is a quick and to-the-point opening, tightly packed with chanted and punchy vocals and complemented well by some absolutely relentless drumming. The energy is unreal and it almost feels like it’s over before it even begins; it’s a good opener brimming with potential but unfortunately, this is where the EP peaks.

The enthusiasm and energy is off the scale, which really works in the band’s favour, but when faced with an EP of songs in largely the same format, it does make the opener a little less distinctive and winds up blending in with the rest of the tracks, rather than being a striking introduction like it rightly should be. However saying that, All I Need is a break from the norm, with a slightly slower and more drawn-out approach and takes a little while to get going, drawing in the listener and injecting short, sharp noisy sections between the more laid-back parts.

It’s certainly a strong EP with a lot of potential and I love the ethic of this band – it does not matter if some guitar riff or line of lyrics is not 100% correct if the feeling and attitude is right – but a little more variety between the songs wouldn’t have gone amiss.


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