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Screaming at Demons

Screaming At Demons are an upcoming rock band composed of Shimon, Russell and Chris. The band are working closely with an organisation to help the homeless and we were able to have a chat with frontman Shim.

How did the three of you start Screaming At Demons?
Screaming at Demons was actually the name of my first couple of solo shows that Russell played with me. Russell and I have known each other for 10 years and always planned to do a project together. We debuted a couple of new tracks and since then all the fans started asking for more Screaming at Demons so once we had some more songs and a release the name just stuck. Chris joined the band after we met at a party in Hollywood and discovered we love all the same bands and has the same playing style. We finished our first song together and I asked him if he wanted to just be in the band.

How does the sound of Screaming At Demons differ from past musically projects of the members?
I think it’s a natural blend of what all 3 of us bring to the table. Especially in the songs that will be following ROCKSTAR. I’m still kind of doing what I do but now with Russell’s guitar playing the songs have elevated dramatically from anything I’ve done before. And Chris is musically trained (which is more than I can say for myself!) so he actually, like…knows what he’s playing!

Is there a Screaming At Demons record in the works? If so, who are you working with?
We are producing it ourselves. It is in the works but we are focusing currently on SONGS and how to most effectively release them rather than just making another album that gets lost in the traffic.

What is the Homeless Rockstars campaign you’re involved in?
Homeless Rockstars is a movement that was started by my old friend Nigel Skeet. He has developed a program that gives the homeless hair, make up and a photo shoot that makes them feel like a ROCKSTAR. After they have gone through this simple process they’re confidence is restored and they are connected with members of the community who then give them a Rockstar interview which is specifically designed to extract they’re humanity and they’re aspirations. The final piece of the puzzle has a way of taking care of itself. After this process is complete, members of the community are helping the homeless onto the next phase of they’re life and welcoming them back into society. It’s beautiful to watch, and you will see it in the ROCKSTAR video.

Why did the band chose to work with Homeless Rockstars over other projects to help the homeless?
Nigel called when it was first picking up momentum and asked if I would write a song for the campaign. I decided to also drive up to Redding CA and shoot the video for the cause just like I did with the free hugs campaign a few years ago. Ultimately we became involved because my old friend asked.:)

Will you be experimenting musically to what you’ve all individually performed in the past?
The fact that we are all playing together is a musical experiment in the first place. There is no way the music won’t come out different and special.

What are your relationships like as friends and as colleagues?
Friends first. As colleagues we all bring something different and equal to the table so we all feel very balanced in the dynamic.

What are your ambitions and hopes for the band?
Right now just to make good music and have some fun doing it. We all come from bands that left us a bit unsatisfied so we are trying to create a different situation by learning from our past choices.

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