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Scar The Martyr have already garnering a significant following due to the fact that one of their number is Joey Jordison, aka the drummer of Slipknot, and it’s safe to say that there’s a lot of high expectations riding on their self-titled debut release. Of course, it absolutely delivers.

With versatile harsh and clean vocals contrasting perfectly with one another, this band really has the balance right and they have a fantastically ‘dirty’-sounding vibe to their material in addition to sounding mind-bogglingly tight.

It’s clear why the band chose Blood Host both as the album opener and the track they released a video for, as it truly stands out from the crowd. The track is engaging and catchy, as well as made for a live environment. The vocal line worms its way into your head and by the end of your first listen, it’s not difficult to recall lines within the track. Similarly, tracks like Soul Disintegration, Prayer For Prey and Effigy Unborn are so catchy you’ll be singing along to them for weeks after your first listen!

One of the problems this album does face, however, is the sheer length of it. At 14 tracks long, it is rather lengthy and does tend to drag. Whilst each song has its own distinct personality, it is a little difficult to keep track of and remember each one, no matter how memorable they might be!

Duration problems aside, there aren’t really any other issues with this album and Joey Jordison has proven that he isn’t a one-trick pony with this new project of his, as their genre is very different to Slipknot’s! Scar The Martyr have a wonderfully distinctive sound and this album looks set to be absolutely massive – and rightly so, as this is a very strong release.


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