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7L2A3023Always on the look out for something new and original I stumbled across Essex based alt rockers Scarlet Echo, and the bands video for Lose Control. I was immediately taken by how stylish the video was, and of course how good it sounded.

They have been described as ‘Ferocious Echospheric Music’ and that really sums it up, it’s a unique, textured wall of sound with a memorable chorus that worms it way into your brain, it’s a brilliant song with some great elements, from Hannah’s impassioned howl to Alex’s hypnotic drumming, it’s definitely one of my favourites right now.

I had to take the opportunity to ask Scarlet Echo all about themselves and the single, enjoy…

Give us some brief background on Scarlet Echo?   Our band Scarlet Echo came together only a few months ago with this current line-up. Over the years our band has had many different line ups with two constant members Hannah and Mitch. In the last few months Jamie (lead guitarist) and Alex (drums) have joined and have completely transformed our sound. Alex has begun using electronic drums which have brought a totally new and interesting dynamic to our music. Jamie also has brought a lot to our band, as a guitarist he’s very inventive with his guitar effects which have worked extremely well with Hannah’s guitar work and Mitch’s bass lines.

You have the new single Lose Control just released, where was it recorded and with who?  It was recorded at ‘No recording Studio’ which is based in Essex with engineer John Hannon. For us as a band, this studio has the most relaxed atmosphere about it. John is a great engineer, and so very willing to experiment with a huge range of sounds. This is what we felt was so crucial to our sound; we needed a sound engineer who wasn’t afraid to try something new.

What’s the song about?  The song is about how everyone at some point in their life gets frustrated with their job and situation. Its song that we hope inspires people to do something more with their lives, and to realise there is more out there than the normal 9-5 job.


How and when was it written?  The main riff was written over a year ago by Hannah. The band as a whole began to work on a structure for the song as it was felt overall the riff was quite catchy we felt we could do more with the song so gradually over a few months it started to form into ‘Lose Control’.

You’ve released it with a video, tell us about it?  The video itself was filmed on a very chilly day in May with a music company called ‘Full Circle Media’. We tried to portray what the whole song was about in this music video. We used an actor to act out different parts of the song which is inter cut with us as a band playing against a backdrop. We liked the difference in pace between the two sections of our video.

Is Lose Control part of an EP? When will it be released?  Each song that we are releasing this year will only be single combined with a music video. We feel at the moment that singles are the way to go. All of our music will be released free of charge, anyone can download and share our music as much possible. We’d just like as many people as possible to hear our music.

What will the rest of this year hold for the band? In the next few months we’re going to recording two new singles back at ‘No Recording Studio’. We’re also be filming music video’s for both of these singles and will be releasing them later in the year. We’re also going to be playing plenty more gigs in Essex and in London. We all very excited about what the rest of the year will hold, we feel our music is improving more and more and we hope our fans like it.

You can download the song for free from HERE, what are you waiting for?

Scarlet Echo – Website|Facebook|Twitter

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