Interview With Satan’s Wrath

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Ahead of the release of their awesome new album Aeons Of Satan’s Reign, we caught up with Tas Danazoglou of Satan’s Wrath to ask him a few questions. This is the result…

Could you introduce yourself and tell us a bit about the band?
Hi, I am Tas from Satan’s Wrath. We play Satanic heavy metal.

How did the band form?
Me and Stamos K formed the band in 2011.

Where did the idea of the Satanic theme for your music come from?
When I quit Electric Wizard, I wanted to do something similar to my favourite bands. I’ve been into this music since I was a kid, but I never had the chance to do it. I played in many bands but somehow wasn’t exactly what I wanted. Most of my favourite bands have a Satanic theme so to me its natural. Also, some of my favourite movies have Satanic concepts, all those 70s horror shit. I just love it, so this time it happened. Stamos is into the same stuff, so some heads are gonna roll…

The release date of your new album Aeons Of Satan’s Reign is almost here – could you tell us about the writing and recording process of it?
Me and Stamos had pretty much all the tracks ready around the release of Galloping Blasphemy. Then we wrote a few more and started recording. All the production was done
in Stamos’s Studio 210 in Berlin.

Are there any interesting stories from the studio?
When I was recording the vocals, a big black cat attacked me and was trying to take my eyes out. I punched it unconscious.

Archfiend is my personal favourite – could you tell me a little more about it?
I had the idea to do the Satanic Orgasmatron, you know, the Motorhead song, so it’s quite similar I think. I’m glad you like it.

Which track is your favourite of the release?
I would say Lives Of The Necromancers and Aeons Of Satan’s Reign.

The artwork is awesome – what’s the story behind it and who designed it? Did you go in with a specific idea or did the artist have free reigns?
I had the concept in my mind and did a fast sketch, then gave it to a friend of mine to paint it. His name is Diego Brandi and it represents the band having a feast at the expense of sweet Jesus.

What are your plans for 2014 – will you be embarking on a tour?
Now yes. We are getting ready finally, it took a while but people will understand why when they see us live or dead.

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