Satan’s Wrath – Aeons of Satan’s Reign Review

It’s quite difficult to pin a specific genre onto Satan’s Wrath. With elements of black, death and thrash metal all apparent within their music, this works to their advantage and gives them a fantastically distinct and unique sound.

Using all sorts of satanic imagery and wordplay, Aeons Of Satan’s Reign is eight tracks of utter awesomeness and it opens with an eerie choral section before the whole band kicks in for an aural assault on your eardrums. The guitars on this track are fantastic and the vocals add so much atmosphere – everything fits together perfectly.

Third track Archfiend is a work of art. Beginning with an organ line, when the guitars get going they hit you like a tonne of bricks and that’s before the drums and vocals come into play. It all builds up fantastically and is chock-full of riffs and mind blowing solos – put simply, it’s five minutes of perfection and if you’re going to check out a song from this album, make sure it’s this one!

Another fantastic cut is Live Of The Necromancers, which is possibly the most melodic of the album, but it still retains the fantastic noisiness that the other tracks had. The lead guitar doesn’t sound as ‘dark’ as the rest of the instrumentation and it stands out in a good way, showing a different side to the band whilst still in-keeping with the style of the rest of the album.

Without wanting to draw comparisons, Aeons Of Satan’s Reign is like the album I was expecting to hear when I first discovered Ghost. It has a perfect amount of noise and aggression, but also just the right amount of melody. Some of the songs are a little similar to one another, but it’s an all-round fantastic release. If you like your music dark and satanic, make sure you check this band out!


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4 Comments on Satan’s Wrath – Aeons of Satan’s Reign Review

  1. Glad you appreciated my feedback, as I certainly appreciated the early review. I plan on posting a review of this album myself, but being as I’m just a lowly foot soldier in The Dark Lord’s army, I’ll have to post it on Sputnikmusic when it becomes available to the masses.

    In the meantime, I plan on posting a Sputnikmusic review of another incredible (and under-appreciated) album with a similar style on Halloween: Midnight’s “Satanic Royalty.” Would greatly appreciate any feedback.

  2. These are, quite simply, the best comments I’ve ever had on one of my posts on here!

    Yeah, now that you mention it I definitely agree that they have a bit of a NWOBHM vibe to their stuff. I personally prefer this to Galloping Blasphemy, so hopefully you’ll like it just as much, too!

    (Btw I’m fully down with their third album being an evilly delicious indie pop cocktail entitled Satan’s Whimsy!)

  3. Oops! I meant as good or better than “Galloping Blasphemy.” They don’t have a self-titled album yet, only a self-titled song. For all anyone knows though, the power of Satan may have allowed me to see into the future, when they will release a self-titled album which will be comparable in quality to “Aeons” and slightly more awesome than “Galloping”.

    You may be wondering why the power of Satan didn’t allow me to foresee the error in my first post. Well, Satan is capricious. In fact, I see Satan’s Wrath releasing an album called “Satan’s Whimsy” where they mix their evil musical cocktail with a dash of indie pop and it will be the greatest thing mankind has ever known.

  4. I agree 100% about Archfiend . From the short clip I’ve heard it sounds to me like it might just be the Evil Song of the year.

    I would also include NWOBHM in the mix that makes up SW’s unique sound. When I first heard Die White Witch Die I thought there was too much melody in it, but now I can’t stop listening to it.

    Really looking forward to this album. Sounds like it’s gonna be as good or better than their ST.

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