Sarke – Bogefod Review

sarke bogefodWe first covered Sarke back in 2013 when they released their Aruagint album, and they’re now back for another round with their fourth full-length offering Bogefod, and they’ve really stepped things up with this album because this could well be their strongest release to date.

There’s a lot of drive behind Bogefod; whilst the word ‘energetic’ may not be the most apt to use, there’s a good amount of movement on the album and subsequently it makes for a gripping listen with each twist and turn the piece takes. Additionally, Sarke bring elements from a few different styles into the album – as well as some powerfully delivered black metal moments, there’s some doomier sections, thrash and even some more symphonic tinkerings on occasion. Everything just seems to blend together fantastically.

An early highlight of the album is second track Blood Of Men, a ferocious and punchy track featuring a strong vocal performance from Nocturno Culto atop of some tremendous guitar work and indeed, the guitars are also put to great use later on in the track with a fantastically delivered solo.

Another strong track is Burn, which has some more symphonic elements to it, and the melody injects just the right amount of varience into the track in order to keep it interesting. Additionally, Sarke make good use of a few different vocal styles, ranging from the more ‘standard’ harsh delivery to a more half-bellowed style and a wonderfully atmospheric growled approach.

All in all, Bogefod is a fantastic release. Sarke have outdone themselves with this album.


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