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Sarke can definitely be described as a band with a unique sound, due to the wide amount of influences to their music. Their third offering, Aruagint combines death metal, black metal, punk and pure-and-simple metal, wrapped in a 70’s rock veil, and it’s an interesting and refreshing listen, to say the least.

Nine tracks of beefy goodness, the vocals are wonderfully growly yet melodic – there is a bit of a Motorhead vibe to them – and it’s really distinctive. Jaunt Of The Obsessed is a great choice of opener, with memorable guitarlines and drums you can’t help but tap your foot along to, and similarly Jodau Aura continues in much the same fashion, albeit at a slightly slower pace, before leading into a highly impressive guitar solo near the end.

Ugly, the following track, contrasts nicely. At just over two minutes, it is by far the quickest track of the album, and is an energy-filled number that really gets the album moving – this is definitely one that will go down a storm live.

By the time we reach fifth track Walls Of Ru, it unfortunately becomes a little evident that the album does sound a little “samey” in parts. The idea behind this band’s genre is amazing, and they are a very unique-sounding band, but the songs are somewhat difficult to differentiate between on a few occasions, which is a shame.

The album closes with Rabid Hunger, which is a good way of rounding up the release. It goes through numerous tempo changes, gradually slowing down before one last fast-paced drive and then finishing with a guitar solo for good measure.

Overall, Aruagint is a great release. Sarke have a nice unique sound, but it’s just a shame that there isn’t much variety in the album as a whole.


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