Singled Out: Samoans – I Am Your Density


Welsh Rockers Samoans are due to release their debut album in the coming week and have released their single I Am Your Density from the album Rescue which is dominated by a funky, but repetitive bass riff which is definitely the main aspect of the song.

The song shows off the direction the band are going with this album and Calvin Ley really shows off his bass playing skills with some impeccable note changes and keeping this riff up throughout the song. Usually repetitive things get boring after a extensive period of time but this riff is different, it plays throughout and remains the constant throughout the song and all the other instruments work around it, the drums and and guitar just compliment the bass so well.

The vocals in the song are rather ambient and you listen to them, but you dont hear them, it’s all about that dominating bass riff. The vocals are very dramatic and they suit the feel of the song, which is chilled and relaxed, during the chorus Daniel, vocalist/guitarist and pianist, really shows of that power and the raw edge of his voice that sets the band apart from other bands.

The guitar in this song is fairly basic but it suits the song, the higher guitar parts really add that extra depth the song needs, as it’s a very bass driven song. You can hear that guitarist Oliver Miles has an ear for what works in a song and want’s the guitar to be a complimentary aspect of the song and not dominant the song which is refreshing to hear as lots of guitarists want the lead.

The drumming in the song is complimentary as are all the instruments in this song and it really defines the bass with some clever bass drum work that really emphasise the bass guitar. Although some nice drum fills in between chorus and verses would have been good to hear.

The album as a whole has a real Deftones feel about it and with the right audience this band could be playing Download or Reading and Leeds Festival in the coming years. Keep an eye out this up and coming alternative rock band.


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