Saint[The]Sinner – The Curious Tale Of Mistress Murder Review

Saint[The]Sinner first formed in 2011, in the South Coast of England. This album definitely changes the game in rock n’ roll. It gives metal-core mainstream bands a run for there money. Through having theatrical, horror elements into their intro track Cirque De Pecheur to quickly transitioning into a metal-core song called The Lament. It’s sure to have anyone eager to have this album on repeat.

Saint[The]Sinner can astonish anyone by the amazing vocals sung by Dimitri Gjknuri and James Laughton. These young men have their own unique style and pitch. You get drawn in by how they carry their melody as it blends amazing with one another along with the drums, bass, and guitars.  As for the rest of the band, they compliment these beautiful voices by shredding it on the bass and guitars.  The rhythm that they carry is so original and unlike any other. These men fuse the beats and sounds so well together.

You’ll sure be adding Saint[The] Sinner to the top of of your favorite band list, as each song has it’s own unique story and sound to it. No genre can compare to this album as each track draws you in. Horror elements, fused with hardcore, death core, heavy bass and acoustic sounds.

The Curious Tale Of Mistress Murder will take anyone’s breath away and I’m sure that Saint[The]Sinner will continue their journey of leaving listeners and fans breathless.


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