Saint[the]Sinner – Masquerades Review

saint the sinner masqueradesSaint[the]Sinner’s new EP Masquerades is an interesting listen with their very well constructed blend of theatrics and metalcore with some interesting more pop influences.

The EP opens with a very Panic At The Disco style instrumental before dropping into an incredible drop with some roaring guitar, pounding drums and some truly impressive screams. It’s a breath of fresh air to hear a metalcore vocalist with a deep voice – the genre is known for its high pitch singers so to hear a different vocalist is good – and to hear that he can sing as well is even better. The clean vocals and screams throughout the EP complement each other and sound huge.

The production on the EP is mind blowing; it’s only fitting that songs that sound arena worthy are written to the same standard. The bass drum is the drummers most impressive feat on the album followed closely by the complex and charming drum fills he can write. The band have clearly experimented with the EP instead of going down the typical song structure of metalcore, changing various aspects, replacing synths with strings and writing more commercial songs are to name a few some things the band have done to set them apart from others in the scene.

There is some absolutely phenomenal guitar work throughout the EP with some complex guitar riffs that sound like they belong on a Bullet For My Valentine or Metallica album, not a EP written by 6 lads from the south of England who have yet to release a full length album. Saint[the]Sinner is a band who are here to stay and will climb their way up to the top.


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