Singled Out: Rusty Shackle – When The Morning Comes

Rusty Shackle 2015

Great news as our favourite Welsh folk-n-rollers are back with their brand new single When The Morning Comes and what an earworm it is!

The track as a whole takes a slightly different route compared to their past releases, having a more poppy vibe as well as their usual folk approach, and whilst on my first listen it didn’t immediately grab me, the more I listened to it, the more I enjoyed it – the track is most definitely a grower.

Everything about the track is well-presented; there’s a big chorus simply begging to be sang along to, and the stripped-back section in the middle of the song divides the track up nicely, juxtaposing well against the fuller sound on either side of it. Additionally, the fiddle line in particular is magnificent, both when it takes a lead and more background role, and as a whole everything just blends together well and flows very nicely.

When The Morning Comes may not be the strongest Rusty Shackle song out there, but despite this it serves as a perfect taster for the band’s upcoming album, leaving the listener wanting more – and I for one can’t wait!

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