Rusty Shackle – The Scene, Swansea 11/11/16


It’s always nice to see a band do well and grow over the years, and since first stumbling across Rusty Shackle before they’d even released their debut album Wash Away These Nights, they have gone from strength to strength – but one thing that has always remained constant about this band is how they can always put on a tremendous live show, no matter if they’re playing in front of a handful of people or in front of a sold-out crowd. Their passion and humour is second to none, and the performances as a whole are always very tight and together.

Rather ironically, the last time I was in Swansea I also attended a gig at The Scene (although back then it was known as Milkwood Jam) so it was nice to return to a familiar venue in an unfamiliar city – and once again, Rusty Shackle put on another stellar performance, with a nice balanced set that drew material from all three of their albums. Songs like Down To The Valley and Last Stop On The Line slotted in nicely with older material such as Cold Hearted Town – and seeing Thinking performed live is always great fun. The great vibe onstage was a pleasure to witness, and it quickly spilled out into the crowd with several people dancing pretty much from start to finish!

The interactions between band members were a pleasure to witness as always, and quite often you’d catch members sharing jokes and laughing between themselves, giving a relaxed and chilled vibe, yet it sounded like they barely put on, showing that despite the laughing and joking, they were always focused on the task at hand and gave things 100% at all times.

It’s always nice when you get a shout-out onstage, and a dedication of their track Sunrise to me made me very happy, especially since it’s a song that doesn’t often appear in their set these days, but the highlight of the performance had to be the inclusion of Tomorrow in their set. One of my favourite songs of theirs, and it was a very emotive and empowered performance – the lyrics for this song are stunning, to say the least, and it was spinetingling to witness.

Closing the set with fan-favourite 3am, there was a great deal of dancing, singing and cheering as the six-piece rounded things up! Rusty Shackle know how to throw a party and I know I say this every time I see them – but this is a band that you absolutely have to see live. Their performances have everything and when a band is smiling and having so much fun onstage, how can the feeling not rub off on you?


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