Russkaja – Peace, Love And Russian Roll Review

Russkaja peace love and russian rollRusskaja are back with their fourth album Peace, Love and Russian Roll and it’s a fun and lively release that you’ll keep wanting to revisit. It’s quite difficult to pin Russkaja into one specific genre, with their music taking elements from ska, polka and rock for starters, but Russkaja have clearly made this blend work because Peace Love And Russian Roll is packed full of twelve great songs and really follows on well from their previous release Energia.

The band takes no prisoners with Peace Love And Russian Roll, with the album getting off to a running start with opener Rock’n Roll Today. You are immediately faced with a wall of catchy instrumentation that will inevitatbly worm its way into your head, especially due to the fact it crops up at various other points in the track too, and the half-bellowed, half-sung vocals are delivered so passionately that you can’t help but feel immersed in the song!

Things progress well from there and a particularly interesting inclusion is the song Parachute, which is an acoustic track that contrasts massively with the majority of the other energy-packed songs on the album. It really helps to show another side to the band and helps to divide the album up rather well.

If you like fun, then you’ll love this album, and Russkaja have really outdone themselves this time round. Absolutely excellent stuff.


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