Russkaja – Kosmopoliturbo Review

The Austrian polka/ska troupe Russkaja is back with album number five (entitled Kosmopoliturbo and it’s exactly what you might expect from an album of theirs – energetic, lively and infectiously catchy!

On the one hand, if you’ve enjoyed their previous material then there’s no reason why you won’t enjoy this. However on the flip-side of this, if you’ve heard their last few albums then this won’t feel like a fresh listen as there’s not much variety between the construction of these songs and their older material. The music is good, sure, but the air of familiarity does feel a little too much at times.

Nevertheless, Kosmopoliturbo is still a great listen. Opener Hey Road is a good, catchy hook to get the album off to a running start and it progresses well from there, with other highlights including Still In Love which features a rather cool electronic vibe to it, and later track La Musica is a serious earworm of a track that has a violin line that will get stuck in your head.

All in all, Kosmopoliturbo is a fun little album and although it doesn’t bring anything new to the Russkaja table, it’s a decent enough release and still worth a listen.


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